My Economical Gas Powered Personal Commuter Trike

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It S Alive Supercharged Nitro Two Stroke With Rotary Exhaust Valve

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Natural Gas Conversion Kit Pulsar G10KBN Generator Dual Fuel

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Natural Gas Conversion Kit Pulsar G10KBN Generator Dual Fuel

MAY COME WITH DIFFERENT BRAND REGULATOR DEPENDING ON STOCK. FOR LOW PRESSURE KITS 9-13wc SUPPLY PRESSURE IS REQUIRED , IF YOUR SUPPLY PRESSURE IS LOWER. NOTE, DUE TO AVAILABILITY, THE KIT WILL COME WITH A NON-PRIMER REGULATOR. APPLICATION: LOW PRESSURE NATURAL GAS CONVERSION FOR. KIT WILL ALLOW YOUR ENGINE TO RUN ON LOW PRESSURE PROPANE. LOW PRESSURE NATURAL GAS OR GASOLINE. Remove the existing propane line that runs between the regulator and carburetor already installed on the generator. Mount the demand regulator and run the 3/8 line from the new demand regulator into the propane port on the stock carburetor. No venturi adapter required, kit will allow you to run low pressure propane or low pressure natural gas. You will still be able to run on gasoline. ALL COMPONENTS MADE IN USA. MAXIMUM INLET PRESSURE: 13.86 WC (0.5psi). Benefits of alternative fuel. Generally cheaper than gasoline and diesel. Clean fuel, low impact on the. And your engine (low carbon, air/engine stay clean). Alternative fuels have an unlimited shelf life and will not gum up or degrade. Fuel components are built for long life and are easy to maintain or rebuild. NOTE: MODIFICATION MAY BE NECESSARY ON SOME UNITS. We have thousands of parts in stock, if you do not see the part you need! Feel free to ask us about conversion kits for almost anything including trucks, cars, generators, tractors, boats, motorcycles, RVs etc. We can build a kit to convert almost any engine! This product can expose you to chemicals including l. Ead and lead compounds. To the state of California. These products contain a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm.